HISTORY Of The college
S. N. M College symbolizes the steady advancement of an underdeveloped village, with its vast population belonging to the backward classes, towards social and cultural regeneration. Its mission has been, as enunciated by great social revolutionary of Kerala, Sree Narayana Guru, and emancipation through education. The institution upholds the message of the great Guru and strives to be a source of enlightenment to the people at large and poor and socially backward,
n particular. From its inception in 1964, the college has been rendering commendable service as a centre of learning and culture. The area, where the college is situated, is no more an isolated, underdeveloped part and is on the wings of development and progress.
The college is a legacy of the Vadakkekara Hindu Matha Dharma Paripalana Sabha, a voluntary organization formed in 1882, by the spirited youth of the backward Ezhava community in the Vadakkekara region. The H.M.D.P. Sabha, Moothakunnam as it is popularly known, launched a vigorous campaign for social justice and liberation from social bondage. The message and benediction of Sree Narayana Guru Swamikal provided inspiration and the right direction to the activities. As a part of the movement, the Sabha took initiative in the establishment of educational institutions. The institutions, run by the Sabha, have played a leading role in fighting the evil of illiteracy and ignorance among the poor and downtrodden and raising the cultural standards of the masses. The S.N.M College Maliankara is another link in the tradition.
The college was inaugurated in 1964 by Shri.Sahodaran Ayyappan, an ardent disciple of Sree Narayana Guru and also a leading public figure championing the cause of social liberty. It was in a cluster of thatched sheds near the Moothakunnam temple that the classes were held in the beginning. The foundation stone for the College building at Maliankara was also laid at the time by Shri.Sahodaran Ayyappan himself. The college was shifted to the new campus at Maliankara in 1965. The present massive building was constructed in subsequent years, providing facilities for the expansion of the college.
Degree courses were started in 1972 and post graduate courses in 1983. The college has a student strength of 1308 at the under Graduate and Post Graduate levels comprising of 10 Degree courses and 7 post Graduate Courses. Efforts are being made to secure more under-graduate and post-graduate courses and to start a Research Centre to make the college a leading centre of higher education in the state.
Liberation through Education and Empowerment through Organization.

Vision of the College is, in unison with the vision of the Great Sree Narayana Guru, to liberate the weak and the oppressed of the society through education and to teach them to stand together and work together to attain excellence in their own and their fellow men’s live.

The academic community of the college is totally committed to help evolve a new generation of young people who are just, kind and responsible- a generation which is committed to social reconstruction.Our thrust is on the creation of such youngsters who have learned the skills of working together in the rhythm of love and mutual understanding to attain our social goals of liberty and equality. They should also have the moral integrity to take the lead flag of social harmony in our social fabric that tears off easily..
Sree Narayana Mangalam College Maliankara
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